The Most Powerful USB Protector Yet!

Download and secure all your USBs with the powerful Write Protection, Device Autorun Protection, Device Lock Protection of USB Protection Tool.


Explore the features

USB Protection Tools consists of the most powerful features ever. It has Write Protection to provide write-only privilege to your USBs, Device Autorun and Lock feature to block anonymous access and many more.

  • One-Click Protection

    With just One-Click, USB Protection Tool will completely secure your USBs from anonymous access.

  • Registry Editor Protection

    USB Protection Tool protects your USBs one step further by the blocking any external changes to USB access privileges.

Get to know it's grand

USB Protection Tools provides many extra features which makes it the most powerful USB protector ever.

  • USB Storage Device Manager

    You can manage all your storage devices by ejecting or reloading it. Reloading it enables the devices to unplug and plug systematically.

  • Password Protection

    You can set a master password for USB Protection Tool in order to avoid unauthorized users using it.


USB Protection Tool Features

The complete features of USB Protection Tools.

Write Protection

Protects your files in USB from being modified or deleted. Provides write-only privilleges for all USBs.

Device Autorun Protection

Protects USBs from automatically running autorun or malicious programs when inserted.

Device Lock Protection

Disallow any connection of USB devices. Helps to prevent unauthorized users from connecting USB.

One-Click Protection

Protect your entire USBs with only one-click. Enables all the protection on entire USBs at the same time.

Storage Device Manager

You may manage your USB Storage Devices. You can eject or reload the USB storage devices.

Password Protection

Protect USB Protection Tool with password to avoid unauthorized users from using this program.


Screenshots of USB Protection Tool.

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Change Log

The revisions of USB Protection Tool
Version 1.0

Updated: Bugs on Windows 8												
Updated: Bugs when reloading drives		
Added: Password Protection 

Beta Unreleased 0.89

Repaired: Problems with Feedback
Updated: Update Form with Captcha
Updated: Progress bar when updating

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